Elizabeth MacInnis - Vocal Coach

Call/Text her at: 780-235-7842

Email her at: sing@elizabethmacinnis.com


Elizabeth MacInnis is a Canadian born singer-songwriter and performer, who now lends her experience and talents to vocal coaching.

With over 30 years in the business her rich and varied musical upbringing began in musical theatre at a very young age.

Discovering early that she had a five-octave range led to a long resume of performing and recording in so many musical genres. From Choir–light Opera to Jazz-Dixieland, Country, Rock, Pop, Soul and her own original blend of these.

You will find many studio recordings of her work as an original solo artist and as a main or backing vocalist for other artist as well as in radio commercials and television.

Join Me!

Let’s face it, we use our voice in everyday life. Most importantly, it is how we communicate. It is the most important vehicle we have to deliver our thoughts, feelings, and messages to others. Whether we are speaking or singing, we all want to be heard. Do so with confidence, sound professional, be taken seriously.

Whether you just want to feel confident singing Karaoke, or, being a professional Singer/Performer is your life goal, perhaps honing your already developed talent? Make a start now, be better, be great, be You!

"It is my passion to be a part of someone’s growth and confidence, as they find joy in their success."

What I offer:

  • Patience, enthusiasm and inspiration
  • Goal setting for developing strengths in confidence
  • Defining who you are as a singer/performer
  • A warm, casual & comfortable setting
  • Practical tools to take home
  • Individual Customization for everyone
  • Small Group sessions (upon review)

    I also offer remote coaching:

  • Are you recording?
  • Do you have an important ‘Gig’ / Performance engagement?
  • Do you have an Audition?
  • If you just need that extra boost, I can help, on location.

Session Details

  • All first sessions are a mandatory 1 hour (I need to get to know you)
  • Advanced sessions are an optional 30 or 60 minute session
  • Beginner sessions are typically 60 minutes (depending on how you have been developing)
  • Regular weekly session - $50 per hour (based on more than 15 within 4 months)
  • Regular session - $60 per hour
  • Remote Coaching – $100-$1000 flat fee, (based on time, location ETC)

Session Structure

    Vocal Coaching for Beginners (Ages: 10 - adult)

  • Where does your voice sit?
  • Ear training (learn to really hear yourself)
  • Correct breathing and vocal use
  • Cultivate your most sincere and finest performance
  • Discover your uniqueness

    Vocal Coaching for Advanced Singers (Ages: 10 - Adult)

  • Brush up on technique
  • Fine tune your style
  • Identify & cultivate your stage ‘persona’
  • Identify & correct any bad habits
  • Stretch your range

"Elizabeth is an incredible teacher!

She is very supportive, patient, thorough, and customizes everything to my style and abilities. The environment of the lesson is beautiful and comfortable. She is extremely talented and has vast knowledge of music and performance. I started out very nervous and less than beginner, but Elizabeth made me feel at ease right away. At the end of my first lesson, I was already much more knowledgeable and confident. She provides helpful homework for at home practice as well. By my second lesson, I had improved significantly. I am taking regular lessons and look forward to continually growing into my singing abilities!"

Kara S, Edmonton, AB

"Elizabeth is a consummate professional and has honed her skills with a variety of bands playing many different styles of music. From rock to country to jazz, she can sing in any style and do it very well. Having worked with her in a few different projects, I am very impressed with her ability to perform consistently at a very high level. Her dedication to caring for 'her instrument' also speaks to her level of professionalism. And to top it all off, she's fun to work with!!!"

Bruce (Der’Hammer) Armstrong, Edmonton, AB

Elizabeth is extremely professional and incredible!!!!!! I came to my first vocal lesson near petrified and obsessing over the thought that I couldn't sing. I walked out of that session empowered and confident, not only in what I had just learned but in my ability to continue to grow and increasing my capacity. Not only is Elizabeth knowledgeable and talented, but she'll have you giggling the whole way through.

Wace T, Edmonton, AB

Elizabeth is a fantastic role model, excellent mentor, and an incredible friend.

Having met Elizabeth a few years ago we bonded over our shared love of music. She has given me new opportunities in order to excel within the music industry which I would have not had previously. Elizabeth has provided me with advice, guidance, and opportunities that have been instrumental in my own music career. I look up to Elizabeth as a personal role model and in her professional career.

Brianna B, Edmonton, AB

Working with Elizabeth is always a joy. Her talent, positivity and work ethic makes her a first choice for me.

Stew Kirkwood, Award Winning Writer, Producer & Sound Engineer