Exciting times for Elizabeth!!!

Exciting times for Elizabeth!!!

“That’s what Christmas Means to Me” is being played on radio stations around the world over this holiday season.

Here are some of the countries playing & loving her new Christmas single;

USA stations including New Mexico, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, Utah, Vermont, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois, Maine, California, Nevada, and worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Finland, England, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland, Scotland, Venezuela, Greece, Lebanon, Malaysia, Qatar, Denmark, Tokyo, Norway, Portugal, France, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Italy, Macedonia, South Africa, China, Belgium, The Ukraine, Poland, India, Malta

Program Directors were very pleased to be introduced such a great talent as Elizabeth, so much so that they look forward to supporting her upcoming future releases. On numerous occasions these Program Directors spoke highly about the beauty of her voice and the outstanding production quality of the recording.

Elizabeth’s stand out songs and talent are hitting home runs with the world of radio!

K&B Entertainment along with Elizabeth MacInnis and her Team are thrilled with this latest report today!